Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter 2012!

The Easter Bunny came and left some fun treats today! I love Holidays and doing fun things for my kids. They light my life up and I enjoy being their mom so much! Taylor is my girly girl and loves all the pink princess stuff where Colbie LOVES LOVES LOVES Toy Story! She is my boy, but also loves being a girly girl too! They are the best and I just adore them!

We had a hunt to find the baskets with 8 clues around the house leaving them in the spare/computer room.

Love being silly!

I love their dresses this year! They are so much fun to pick out. All dressed up and ready for church. Since we couldn't go down south this year, our dear friends Kelly & Randy invited us to their family Easter and what a fun Easter it is! We went last year and it is such a treat! They throw a HUGE Easter Egg Hunt with special goodie baskets for all the kids. We had a blast!

Such a fun year! We missed our family, but the girls and I are headed down this next week for some time with them. Happy Easter from our family to yours! HE IS RISEN! What a blessing it is that Jesus died for us!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fire Station Tour

Our moms group went on a Fire Station was so neat and the girls loved it. Taylor was a little scared at first, but enjoyed it by the end. The Firefighters were so nice to all the kids, what a neat experience it was for all of them. Thank you Visalia Fire Department!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Kelley Family does St. Patrick's Day!

The clues left from the Leprechaun.

Found the treasures....happy girls! Green shampoo, green gum, green rings, green bug capsules & green flower pot to plant a little flower.

The Leprechaun came and played some milk.

He left his messy footprints all over the place.
Took out all the green play food out of their kitchen.

AND peed green in the toilet...uh oh!

But, he left a nice little breakfast of green milk and lucky charms!

Daddy works Saturdays so we decided to make some RAINBOW rice....lots of fun!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day love the Kelley Family!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

We have had a lot of fun the past few weeks with hearts, we cut sandwiches in heart, make projects with hearts, all in anticipation of Valentine's Day! Justin says I am a bit obsessed and crazy, but it's all in good fun. I love having kids and girls for the matter so I can do all these crazy fun things with them and not be judged for it, they love it in fact!
Monday we had a playdate with our Mom's group and we made Valentine bags and passed out Valentine's to our friends.

We started the day of love off with some heart cinnamon rolls, pink milk and pink yogurt with red sprinkles.

Of course they got some prezzies. Candy and some cool glasses.
Then daddy went to work and we went on another playdate to a friend of Taylor's from preschool.
The girls had so much fun playing "fashion show". They were too cute!
Little Alexis, Colbie, Taylor & Chloe.

I made heart shaped pasta for dinner, pink milk, heart shaped jello and some bread with of course a heart in the center.

Then to end the night the girls had some strawberry ice cream with cookies! Yum!

It was nice to spend the evening as a family. Justin surprised me Saturday night for an early Valentine's dinner. He had my wonderful amazing friend Kelly watch the girls OVERNIGHT Yes I said OVERNIGHT! Wow amazing!! it was so nice to enjoy and evening of dinner, movie and conversation with the man I married. Justin as all of you already know I'm sure is the best most amazing man EVER! He amazes me more and more every day. HE is a great dad and husband and I so very blessed to have him as my Valentine!